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What is ‘after the event’ (ATE) insurance?

ATE is a type of legal expenses insurance taken out after a legal dispute has arisen. It’s intended to cover the costs of taking a case to trial and protects the policyholder from the risk of having to pay their own disbursements and the opponent’s costs and disbursements, particularly in the event that the case is lost.

ATE products will cover a variety of costs including counsel’s fees, court fees and expert reports.

How does ATE differ from traditional insurance?

Traditional legal expenses insurance is intended to protect the policyholder from the risk of legal costs arising from an event which may occur in the future. ATE is a specialist insurance product, which can only be purchased once an event has already happened, i.e. for personal injury cases, the injury must have already occurred.

How much does ATE cost?

The cost of ATE insurance depends on the type of claim and the stage it is at when the policy is purchased, so the earlier the policy is taken out, the more economical for the client. Premiums can be either staged or non-staged, with staged premiums usually calculated as a percentage of the cover required. At DAS we don’t charge an assessment fee so if you have a case in mind, contact us to discuss it with the team.

How does the client pay for their ATE insurance?

ATE premiums are generally no longer recoverable from the other side, so where the policy is taken out after 1st April 2013 the cost of the premium is payable by the policyholder and is commonly deducted from the compensation awarded. It’s important to note that all of our products are self-insured meaning if the case is lost there will be nothing for your client to pay.

Is delegated authority available for ATE?

At DAS we do work with firms on a delegated authority basis for ATE. This is subject to the value of the case, a firm's volume, case performance history and ability to demonstrate their success and specialism in the relevant area of litigation. If we agree that we are able to work with you a on a delegated authority basis your firm will be required to enter into an insurance agency and mutual business agreement with DAS.

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