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PLEASE NOTE: DAS Law are only able to give advice to persons who have a valid DAS policy or insurance where DAS are the providers. If you do not hold a DAS policy or insurance where DAS are the providers, we are unable to assist you (For UK matters there is the Citizens Advice Bureau, who may be able to assist).

If you are a DAS policyholder, you are entitled to receive legal advice from us as part of the policy. Please call the number listed in your policy wording to talk to us directly or complete the form below to arrange a callback.

DAS Law are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we provide telephone legal advice to policyholders of DAS Legal Expenses Insurance. There is no additional charge to use the telephone advice service regarding your legal issue. Please be aware that DAS Law are not acting for you and therefore we cannot provide you with legal representation, review evidence or draft documents on your behalf.

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