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We have provided market-leading ATE insurance for over 20 years. Our products can cover your clients for the full range of claim types including clinical negligence, personal injury, and civil/commercial litigation.

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Clinical Negligence

We can support any type of clinical and dental negligence claim and even offer top-up cover to existing DAS ATE or BTE policies.

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Personal Injury

We can manage any type of personal injury claim, and cover both motor and non-motor claims. We offer delegated authority schemes to firms that meet our criteria for performance and case volumes and even provide a specialist offering for more niche areas of law for example abuse, brain injury and animal acts.

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Civil / Commercial Litigation

Civil / Commercial litigation claims are individually assessed for ‘after the event’ (ATE) insurance. We realise that with these cases it’s often preferable to take a case-by-case approach and that you often require bespoke cover for your clients.

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How to become a partner

If you’d like to apply to become one of our solicitor partners for ATE insurance, or perhaps just to discuss it a little further at this stage, please get in contact and one of our dedicated account managers will be available to help you.

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Solicitor training

We work with our partner solicitors to understand their business, identify the After The Event (ATE) insurance needs of their clients, and use that knowledge to provide relevant products and training.

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Meet the team

Our team has a wealth of industry expertise and specialist sector knowledge. We know that no two law firms are the same, and we provide a tailored offering to meet the specific needs of our partners and their clients.

Meet the team

Have any questions? Read our ATE FAQs.

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News and insights

ATE , 2023 Empowering smaller legal practices: The success of the Optimise scheme

The Optimise scheme, launched by DAS and Maxima, has supported over 100 clients over the past two years, transforming the landscape for clinical negligence and personal injury cases.

October 2023
ATE , 2023 The pros and cons of a Low Damages FRC (LD FRC) process in clinical negligence

Lisa O’Dwyer from Action against Medical Accidents looks at how the LDFRC process will affect Clinical Negligence claims.

September 2023
ATE , 2023 Fixed Recoverable Costs is upon us

William Ellerton, Partner at DAS Law, gives his predictions for how the new FRC could play out.

September 2023
ATE , 2023 How QOCS changes have affected a law firm

Matthew Olner, solicitor at Nelsons, talks about how the QOCS changes have affected his law firm.

June 2023
ATE , 2023 QOCS changes: The ATE Provider’s Perspective

In this article, Rebecca Squires and Jane Marigold from DAS give their perspective on the QOCS changes.

June 2023
ATE , 2023 QOCS – Two months on: A Barrister’s View

The full impact of the QOCS changes will be played out in years rather than months. Here, Henry King from 12 King’s Bench addresses what might be done about it from a claimant perspective.

June 2023
ATE , 2023 The impact of QOCS on costs lawyers

Change has long been brewing in relation to the Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS) regime.

June 2023
Events , ATE , 2023 Rising to the Challenge: How ATE can benefit you and your customers

Carol Parsons, Head of ATE at DAS, talks about ATE and its numerous strengths ahead of BIBA 2023.

May 2023
LEI news insights , ATE , 2022 ATE – The introduction of Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS)

Since the introduction of QOCS and the subsequent change to ATE premiums being payable by the client, solicitors have faced some challenges when the client is a minor.

July 2022
LEI news insights , ATE , 2022 The importance of ATE to commercial LEI customers

Carol Parsons, Head of ATE at DAS, explains the difference between After the Event and Before the Event Legal Expenses Insurance.

April 2022
Products , ATE , 2021 DAS UK partners with Maxima to launch new Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury scheme

DAS and Maxima have launched ‘Optimise’, a new clinical negligence/personal injury scheme aimed specifically at smaller legal practices.

June 2021
Products , ATE , 2021 DAS and Pattinson & Brewer announce ATE Clinical Negligence partnership

DAS and Pattinson & Brewer have announced a new partnership to provide a bespoke clinical negligence product for the practice’s clients.

May 2021
Products , ATE , 2021 DAS chosen by Smith Partnership for clinical negligence product

DAS has been chosen by Smith Partnership to provide a bespoke clinical negligence product for the practice’s clients.

May 2021