Allan’s story

Workplace Bullying

Allan* became depressed following the way he was treated at work. He used legal assistance with DAS to challenge his unfair treatment. We took his case to mediation and tribunal.

Allan's Story

Allan had a legal dispute with his employer for bullying, harassment and intimidation.  We provided legal advice and supported Allan in his legal case as he had purchased legal expenses cover as an extension to his main home insurance policy.

Allan was distressed when he called the DAS Legal Advice line. Our qualified legal advisers listened to Allan’s case and provided details of how he should proceed; including helping Allan draft a complaint letter to send to his employer. 

We appointed a Solicitor to act on Allan’s behalf.  Allan was covered for up to £50,000 for legal costs including legal fees and tribunal costs.  Allan went to the employment tribunal with his solicitor to present his case.

We were able to help Allan because:

  • His legal expenses insurance policy included Employment Disputes cover
  • There was a contract of employment in place (Allan wasn’t self-employed)
  • Throughout his claim Allan always had a greater than 50% chance of winning his case

*This is an account of a real claim. The customer’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.

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