Carla’s story

Harassment in the workplace

When Carla* suffered harassment and bullying at work she called DAS to see if she had a case. We supported her to pursue compensation.

Carla's Story

Carla had a legal dispute with her employer over bullying and harassment at work.  We were able to provide legal help because Carla had a better than 50% chance of winning her case. 

We were able to cover Carla’s legal costs in full because she came to us before appointing her own solicitor or incurring any legal costs herself.

Carla discovered that she had purchased legal expenses insurance as an extension to the cover under her main home insurance policy.

We provided telephone legal advice and, after assessment of Carla’s case, appointed a solicitor to act on her behalf.  Carla was covered by us for legal costs up to £50,000.

Are you covered?

*This is an account of a real claim. The customer’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.

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