Helen’s story

How a call to the legal advice line helped to smooth things over with a neighbour

Helen* was concerned about some work a neighbour was doing to their property which affected her boundary. She called our legal advice helpline for advice.

Helen’s story

Helen’s story is about a problem with her neighbour’s renovation work.  The contractors are trespassing and she is concerned about potential damage to her property as a result.

Helen had access to the DAS 24/7 legal advice line as part of an optional staff benefits package she was offered by her employer.

Helen’s neighbour problems haven’t yet required further legal action.  Helen can call back as many times as she likes to discuss this, or any other personal legal issue, with our qualified legal advisers using our 24/7 telephone legal advice helpline.

Legal helpline

*This is an account of a real claim. The customer’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.

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