Motor legal expenses insurance

How motor legal expenses could help your customers

When your customer has a car accident, their motor insurance policy will take care of the vehicle repairs and general liability, but others costs could arise. That is where motor legal expenses comes in. 

If the accident wasn’t their fault, motor legal expenses insurance could help with the recovery of the losses not covered by their main policy, for instance: Helping cover the costs of legal representation in the event of a personal injury, or recovering costs associated with damaged belongings.

Motor legal expenses insurance also provides customers access to telephone legal advice to help them with motor related legal enquiries regardless of whether they need to claim on the policy or not.

Legal helpline

We offer a number of products which may suit your clients’ needs.

  DASDrive Plus DASDrive Ultimate
Personal injury cover
Uninsured loss recovery
Replacement hire (insured)
Motor legal advice helpline
Motor prosectution defence  
Motor contract dispute  

Policy cover, exclusions and limitations can vary between different products. See policy documents for more details.

If you have a large book or want to discuss bespoke options for your customers please get in touch.

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