Employment manual - Northern Ireland

A comprehensive guide to employment procedures in Northern Ireland.

The Employment Manual for Northern Ireland is designed to provide you with a guide to disciplinary procedures under UK law.

Please remember that employment is a changing area of the law and this manual reflects the situation at the time of writing. It is important to seek legal advice on specific matters.

Disciplinary procedures

The aim of this guide is to help you with the effective use and operation of disciplinary rules and procedures. Any organisation will also operate more effectively if it has a set standard of conduct, procedures to make sure standards are met and a fair mechanism for dealing with any failures in meeting those standards.


Redundancy approval checklist

Please email completed checklists to newclaims@das.co.uk, or fax it to 0117 934 2007.



Managing sick levels within the workplace is vital to the efficient running of your business, and the aim of this guide is to help employers deal with sickness effectively.