Employment manual

A comprehensive guide to UK employment in practice.

This employment manual is intended as a day-to-day guide to best employment practice in the most common areas of human resources and personnel management. You can access information on matters such as drafting employment contracts, recruitment, redundancy, and establishing disciplinary, grievance and absence procedures.

If you would like to be kept informed of future changes to the employment manual please email us at employmentmanual@das.co.uk, quoting your policy number, name and the email address you would like the updates sent to.


This guide covers the recruitment process, shows example application forms and job descriptions, and informs about the importance of obtaining references and how to go about making an offer of employment.



Redundancies should be handled carefully in order to avoid any potential claims in the employment tribunal. This guide should help you avoid the pitfalls that could lead to successful claims being made against you.


Disciplinary procedures

The aim of this guide is to help you with the effective use and operation of disciplinary rules and procedures. Any organisation will also operate more effectively if it has a set standard of conduct, procedures to make sure standards are met and a fair mechanism for dealing with any failures in meeting those standards.



Managing sick levels within the workplace is vital to the efficient running of your business, and the aim of this guide is to help employers deal with sickness effectively.


Employment law fact sheet

Use this fact sheet as a handy, quick guide to the rates, awards and fees detailed in the employment rights section of the manual.


Employment rights

This chapter of the employment manual covers issues such as Working Time Regulations, maternity/paternity rights, minimum wage and stakeholder pensions.


Redundancy checklist

Please email completed checklists to newclaims@das.co.uk, or fax it to 0117 934 2007.