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What can it help you with?

Home emergency insurance is designed to provide an emergency fix, to prevent damage or further damage to your home, make it secure, and/or relieve unreasonable discomfort, risk or difficulty to you.

What does Home Emergency cover?

We offer 24 hour assistance within your home for emergencies associated with:

  • Roof damage
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Main heating system
  • Domestic power supply
  • Toilet unit
  • Home security
  • Lost keys.

If you have a broken boiler or something goes wrong with your plumbing, we’ll send a contractor around to temporarily fix the problem and make sure your home is safe and comfortable. Plus we’ll cover the cost of the repairs, as well as the cost of hotel accommodation if your home is temporarily uninhabitable.

What wouldn’t be covered?

Exclusions and limitations include:

  • A claim which happens during the first 48 hours of taking out a policy, if the policy was bought at a different time to the home insurance policy that it’s attached to;
  • An emergency that happened before your policy started;
  • A claim where your home has been left unoccupied for a period of time – this varies by policy;
  • A property that is rented or let or that is not the policyholder’s main residence (unless they have a landlord policy);
  • Normal day-to-day home maintenance that an insured person should carry out or pay for;
  • Damage to boundary walls, gates, hedges, fences or outbuildings and damage that only affects garages;
  • A claim arising from subsidence, landslip or heave.

Home Emergency FAQs

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Where can I buy Home Emergency cover?

Home Emergency is typically sold alongside a home insurance policy. You may be offered this cover by your insurer or an insurance broker.

When can I call to report a problem?

You can call us at any time, and our contractors can come out day or night, all year round.

How often can I call?

You can call as often as you need – there is no limit on the number of call-outs.

Who will you get to fix problems with my home?

We have access to a national network of approved engineers, so you can be sure that any emergency work will be done promptly and to the highest standard.

Will I get a temporary or permanent repair?

This depends on what action is required to fix the problem; usually you will receive a temporary fix, but we will provide you with a permanent fix if this is no more expensive than a temporary one.

Why do I need this in addition to my home insurance?

Your home insurance will help cover the cost of permanently fixing problems and damage with your home, but it can’t provide an immediate fix in the event of an emergency. Home Emergency could address the immediate issue that’s causing the emergency so that your home remains habitable.

Is this a home maintenance policy?

No, this policy will not cover day-to-day home maintenance.

Can I get my own repairs done and then make a claim?

No, the policy will only cover costs incurred after we’ve accepted a claim and appointed a contractor to deal with your emergency.

Does the policy cover me if I rent my property?

No, it will only cover claims if you own the property and it is your main home.

What will DAS pay?

Home Emergency provides different levels of cover – depending on the kind of policy you have – to resolve the emergency in your home. To find out how much cover you have, please see your policy wording or ask your insurance adviser.

Does the policy cover a residential property that I rent out to a third party?

DAS does offer policies designed specifically for landlords which will cover a residential property that you rent out to a tenant.

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