CIPS Ethical Practice Kite Mark awarded to DAS

8th March 2018

This is the foremost ethical practice accreditation given by the Chartered institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), the global body serving the procurement and supply industry.

CIPS promotes high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity among all those involved in purchasing and supply chain management.

Led by the Outsourcing & Supply Chain Management department – who themselves undertook additional external training and examinations – the DAS team successfully demonstrated the business-wide alignment of DAS policies with the CIPS Corporate Code of Ethics, under headings including ‘Understanding & Commitment’, ‘Ethical Practice’, ‘Professionalism’ and ‘Accountability’. Underlining this, DAS UK Group CEO Andrew Burke signed a CIPS ‘letter of commitment’ to ethical sourcing and supplier management.

DAS has now been added the CIPS Global Register of Ethical organisations, being only the second insurance organisation to be awarded this. For the next 12 months the kite mark will be displayed on Outsourcing & Supply Chain Management documents and email signatures, as well as on the DAS UK Group website, and other external materials.

Jason Simms, Head of Outsourcing and Supply Chain at DAS UK Group commented: “This prestigious ethics mark gives visibility to the commitment of DAS UK Group to corporate ethics, which as a business we have taken a real stand on. As only the second insurer to gain this, are now among the leaders within our industry where ethical best practice is concerned.”

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