Statutory licence appeals cover

Grace’s story

How commercial legal insurance helped Grace to overturn a licensing decision and get back to business.

Grace had a legal appeal in relation to the suspension of her business licence for her nursery. Grace purchased legal expenses cover from DAS as an optional extension to her main business insurance policy. 

Grace took telephone legal advice from our 24/7 legal advice line on 2 separate occasions to ask questions about the legal process and the steps she needed to take to protect her business.

After Grace submitted a claim under her policy we appointed a Solicitor and a Barrister to act on Grace’s behalf and covered her legal costs up to £100,000 including court costs and legal fees. 

We were able to help Grace because:

  • the dispute was about an existing licence and was not a new licence application or renewal application
  • Throughout her claim Grace always had a better than 50% chance of winning her case

Legal helpline

*This is an account of a real claim. The customer’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.

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