NFU Mutual customer resources

As an NFU Mutual personal or commercial customer you have access to a range of services provided by DAS UK, a leading provider of specialist legal expenses insurance (LEI).

What is legal expenses insurance?

LEI covers the cost of a solicitor who can advise you on issues such as personal injury, consumer and contract disputes, and employment or property problems. It could also provide cover for any costs should your case proceed to court.

DAS UK’s policies also provide you with access to a range of services such as unrestricted legal advice helplines, and tax and counselling services.

Our legal advice helpline

With your DAS UK Legal Expenses Insurance cover, you are entitled to unlimited telephone legal advice on a range of legal issues.

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Our other helplines

DAS UK provides policyholders with access to tax, counselling and business advice helplines.

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Making a claim

All you need to know regarding our claims process.

How to make a claim

Legal articles

Legal articles The Return to Work from Covid: How businesses can stay on the right side of the law

Although lockdown restrictions are easing for many businesses across the country, health & safety and social distancing measures still apply.

May 2021
Legal articles Covid-19: Is your business worried about eviction?

The Covid-19 crisis has seen an unprecedented number of businesses facing collapse. But what happens if your business has an opportunity to get back on its feet only to face eviction from the landlord?

May 2021
Legal articles Airbnb and holiday lettings: What to do with the staycation boom

Thomas Pertaia, a solicitor at DAS Law, answers the most important questions for existing Airbnb hosts and those thinking of renting out their properties.

August 2021
Legal articles The return to work: a guide for employers

Molly-Ellen Turecek looks at what employers need to consider when returning employees to work.

May 2021
Legal articles Farms and trespassing: know your rights

Mark Woodman, solicitor at DAS Law, looks at what farmers need to know about trespassing.

June 2021
Legal articles Farming tenancies: what you need to know

Mark Woodman, Solicitor at DAS Law, looks at what farmers need to know regarding a Farm Business Tenancy.

June 2021
Legal articles How to keep your workers safe during Farm Safety Week

Mark Woodman, Solicitor at DAS Law, looks at what farmers are legally required to do to keep both themselves and their workers safe.

July 2021
Legal articles Fly tipping: what you need to know

Fly-tipping is the only crime where the victims (private landowners) have a legal responsibility to dispose of the waste. Mark Woodman looks at the laws around this modern day scourge.

July 2021