Inclusion at DAS

We know that simply having a diverse workforce is not enough. We want to create an inclusive environment, where everyone can contribute their best work and reach their full potential.

We also want to celebrate the fact that everyone is different yet valued and to make sure that every employee is treated with dignity and respect. We celebrate diversity and encourage employees to be their Distinctive Authentic Self (DAS).

We have an inclusion taskforce sponsored and attended by our CEO and composed of members of our various diversity networks. The group meet monthly to discuss challenges and ideas from the networks in order to ensure that we make DAS UK an inclusive place to work.

Each network has its own EMC (Exec Management Committee) sponsor who work as part of the network to support and encourage their objectives. The individual networks have their own objectives and calendar of activity to engage employees across the employees.

BAME Network

Our BAME network aims to create an environment where everyone is afforded the same right of being able to be their Distinctive Authentic Selves. We are proud to have the support of our Executive sponsor Kate Banks, Group Director of HR & Legal Services, who plays a key role in helping us deliver our aims.

We aim to create a support system for members of the BAME community and our allies where we can meet and discuss a range of topics around inclusion, uncover issues and collectively find solutions to barriers in the workplace. Ultimately, we aim to improve representation within the business and help make DAS UK an attractive place to work for members of the BAME community.

Additionally, we aim to bring awareness to the business around obstacles people of BAME backgrounds may face in the workplace such as unconscious bias. We also want to share our religious and cultural experiences to improve awareness of the diversity that exists within the company.

Members of the network have shared several personal blogs with the rest of the business to give personal accounts of their religious and cultural experiences. We have also supported members of the network who voiced concerns around the disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We will continue to help educate those around the business on issues around race through a range of activities including webinars; and plan to offer members of the network the opportunity to mentor young people from the BAME community in Bristol.

Black Lives Matter

SPARK Network

SPARK provides a supportive forum for women across DAS UK to challenge gender bias and create a more inclusive culture.  It works closely with the senior team and other diversity networks to address issues affecting women and to deliver initiatives and activities aimed at helping them to develop their skills and capabilities, enabling them to succeed in their own way.

Our mission is to support and empower women at DAS UK to achieve success in their own way, providing them with opportunities to learn and develop in a way that is right for them

We aim to:

  • Be inclusive, working closely with other diversity networks in the business
  • Help women build confidence
  • Remove barriers to personal and professional development
  • Offer opportunities to network and share ideas
  • Be a voice for women, raising issues and concerns
  • Celebrate success

History of SPARK

Our exec sponsor is Matt Allam, the Director of Technology, Data & Strategic Change.

LGBTQ+ Network

Our aims and function are to support LGBT+ individuals across the business and help to foster an inclusive environment and open working culture that demands respect for all employees regardless of gender identity, Sexual orientation or race.

We are focussed on creating an environment where people feel safe to express their views and opinions and where they can be true to themselves at work.

We are supported by our exec sponsor – Jenny Morgan, the Head of Internal Audit.

We  started the network in October 2019 and have  ran activities connected to Bristol Pride 2020 such as Pride bingo to raise funds for Bristol and Cardiff Pride and sponsoring a theatre night as part of Pride online.

Family Network

Family@DAS is an inclusive network created to connect employees and create a DAS family community to share experiences, provide support and increase networking across the organisation.

The Network provides a platform in to share struggles and successes.  We support working parents negotiating the trials and tribulations of juggling work and home life or employees who have family members rely on them.  If there are matters outside of work which are impacting your ability to either be at work, or focus at work, this network is designed to support.

We are supported by our exec sponsor, Thomas Biermann, Chief Financial Officer.

We have ran many events to engage our networks such as webinars around “Talking about Dementia”, “Talking to children about Coronavirus” and “How to survive the Festivities”. We also held an event for employees to invite their families to meet colleagues and to take part in activities together.

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