Being an effective residential landlord, Part 2: During the tenancy

8th June 2022

A happy tenant means a happy landlord! Here are some things you should do to keep up good relations with your tenant.

Be accessible

Make sure that you provide your tenant with a clear and direct line of contact in case they have any concerns about the property, or need to get in touch with you for any other reason.  If your property is managed by an agent, you may still want to consider giving the tenants your contact details in case of an emergency.

Doing this will show the tenant that you genuinely care and will give them a sense of trust and confidence in you as their landlord.


Make sure that you take steps to maintain a communicative relationship with your tenant. Be forthcoming and help them to feel comfortable discussing their concerns with you. Having an amicable relationship can help to resolves disputes easier, and can often help to avoid them altogether.

Be understanding

As a landlord, it is important for you to be understanding of your tenants’ needs. There are times where you may be faced with difficult situations with your tenant and property, and it is important for you to keep a level head and consider what is also best for the tenant, not just yourself.

Although you need to carry out your duties as a landlord, and you rely on the income that your property generates, some situations you may have to approach delicately. For example, when notifying your tenant about sensitive issues such as rent increases, rent arrears, or property inspections, you should avoid being confrontational or demanding. Some situations require a level of empathy, particularly with good tenants who are usually dependable.

Be reliable

You should always aim to deal with issues within a reasonable time frame. For more complex issues that require more time, such as severe repairs, you may need to explain to your tenant that the issue is being resolved and that it may take a while, but you can keep them updated on any developments.

Following these tips can help you to maintain a great relationship with your tenants.

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